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LAMPS (Australia):

No matter what else you might do to it, lighting will make or break any room. Too much and you're instantly and unwillingly transported to a convenience store at midnight. Too little and you're knocking your shins on the occasional table. And it's not just about the intensity or direction of light, either. The lights in your life should emanate from beautiful sources oozing with solidity and warmth.

As we searched for lamps for our own use we were left disappointed by the contemporary crop, so we commissioned a family of lamps for our own, and now your, pleasure. Our lamps for shelf, desk, table and floor give more than a nod to the industrial, whilst retaining a beautifully modern silhouette thanks to the light footprint of the materials and striking overall design.

Available in a range of materials, including light and dark woods and stainless and gun metal steels, each lamp offers form that is never outshone by its wonderfully warm function.

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